Busbar Energy Distribution Systems


E-Line KX & KB Busbar Series provides both vertical and horizontal energy transmission and distribution to facilities in which high power applications. Busbar Distribution Systems is consisted of special design that enables energy transfer with low voltage drops.

Technical Details;

E-Line KX Aluminum conductor series current levels; 400A / 500A / 630A / 800A / 1000A / 1250A / 1350A / 1600A / 2000A / 2500A / 3150A / 4000A / 5000A / 6300A

E-Line KX Copper conductor series current levels;550A / 650A / 800A / 1000A / 1250A / 1350A / 1600A / 2000A / 2250A / 2500A / 3300A / 3600A / 4000A / 5000A / 6300A

Electrical IP rating is IP55 by default, customized IP65 & IP67 is available.

E-Line Busbar Systems enables to supply energy for loads with easily mountable Top-off box which contains MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breakers) according to customer’s requests & needs. Top-off boxes are compatible for the current values 160A, 250A, 400A & 630A MCCBs for both plug-in and bolt-on. 800A & 1000A Top-off Boxes are available in bolt-on type.

Top-off boxes can contain mostly SIEMENS MCCB to enable energy distribution reliable and easily. In accordance with the special requirements of our customers; MCCB’s electrical trip units can be selected as ETU850 to enable LV SCADA System in the facility with Licensed Power Manager Software Tool which is provided by SIEMENS.

Advantages of Busbar Systems;

  • High short circuit resistance due to compact construction
  • Less voltage drop in comparison to cable systems
  • Special alloy metal enclosure provides higher mechanical strength and causes less electromagnetic interference
  • Better cooling capability
  • High resistance to fire
  • Seismic resistance
  • Protection Degree (IP55 standard and IP67 optional)
  • Requires less space in comparison to cable systems
  • Applications;

  • Factories
  • Textile Facilities
  • Heavy Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Shopping Malls
  • Skyscrapers
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Business Centers
  • Petro Chemistry Industry